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Subscription-based model to receive support from GHINKS on existing projects and platforms. This includes up to 30hrs of virtual support with minor updates for design projects, websites and more each month. Minor updates can include: copy text, image updates, section edits, 45min design consultations, assessments, content uploads, realignments. Any updates must include content provided by client and be specific in nature. A subscription to this plan doesn’t include full product overhauls, multiple page reconfigurations (websites) or complete redesigns. The scope of the designs must fit into existing elements and layouts of current branding. Examples can include switching out a logo, consulting on newsletter content, checking on notifications, uploading flyers or special offers to site, updating banners, contact page or images. Clients under subscription model will also be eligible for “free-upgrades” as the tools of GHINKS expands.  

Anything beyond that scope will be billed at a separate, individual “new project” rate.

All plans require a 3-month commitment which can be renewed quarterly or paid in full for the year. To see if your specific project or platform is covered, please contact us.

If you are ready to subscribe, use the following link:

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