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The email signature block.

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Endless variation is an accurate way to describe what we've come to know as the "email signature blocks." Is there really a right way? No, but there are definitely ways to be wrong. So here is our comprehensive list of what we think should and could (read as: non-negotiables and optional) be included.

The Overview.

What to include:

  • Sign-offs

  • Name

  • Title

  • Company/Brand

  • Website

  • Phone Number*

  • Email*

  • Logo*

The Sign-off: Non-negotiable

Why? A proper close out is key.

  • Design Tip: Add it to your default signature block, and change as needed. Get creative!

The Name: Non-negotiable

Why? Names are important.

  • Design Tip: If your industry is more lax, you may opt for a first name and last initial - but know your audience, and make adjustments where appropriate.

The Title: Non-negotiable

Why? People want to know with whom they are speaking. For those who don't, titles add a bit of polish.

  • Design Tip: Italicize.

The Org/Brand: Non-negotiable

Why? Tell the people who you are, they need reminders.

  • Design Tip: Italicize. Add some color, if you don't plan on adding the logo.

The Website: Non-negotiable

Why? If you have a site, add it. It drives organic traffic and can lead to future business. Make sure to hyperlink because fact: people are more likely to 'click' over 'copy/paste'.

  • Design Tip: Make it bold and underline.

The Phone Number: Optional

Why? Some entities do not want to be accessible by phone, GHINKS, for instance, is one.

  • Design Tip: Format the number.

  • Example: or (xxx) xxx-xxxx

The Email: Optional

Why? Our thing, you have my email above. However, there are orgs that believe having the copy/paste option in the content of the message is the better option. We won't debate you.

The Logo: Optional

Why? There are many accounts that will show email messages in HTML format, meaning all those cute colors and graphics that you added will show up as plain old text, or not at all. The value added can be great, especially in efforts to be consistent across all communications, it's simply a personal choice. Pro tip: make your logo a hyperlink to your website or social media page.

  • Design Tip: Place this at the very end of your signature block. Logos take up a lot of real estate, so when a logo disrupts the clean alignment between your title and website lines things can start to look whacky.

Content golden rule for email signatures: please make them consistent across your company. Decide who sets the tone and the design for how the email signature block looks, and everyone else should follow suit - even if they are just an intern. #consistentcontent

GHINKS is not a brand manager. However, we evaluate existing content to determine if certain elements are present to enhance how you look and sound to your audience.


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