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Creative Nomad. Lover of lowercase.
UX Designer. Front-end developer (loading).
Font Enthusiast. Perpetual Organizer. Collaborator. 

For a decade, my w2 consisted of nonprofit and educational work. Work that planted seeds of community, cross-functional collaboration, partnership, scholarship, and data-driven metrics. Those are the seeds and spaces that crafted my professional identity, and further emphasized my commitment to philanthropy. I have always loved the opportunity to learn new things, impart wisdom with younger generations and to give back through my work, however... I have always been a creative first. Within each of those formal spaces, I craved and sought out projects that allowed me to (re)organize info, flow, or function. It was never enough to simply complete the given task, I wanted a broader impact. Outside of those formal spaces, I freelanced whatever creative design projects I could land - planning, designing, drawing, writing. Basically, I spent my time chasing ways to enhance "how people experienced things." Clueless that an entire industry existed, specifically for what I was chasing, in 2021 I stumbled across Google's UX design program. Moving through the program was the first time I felt creatively understood. I've since found acquaintance in html, css, and javascript (this one's a bit moody), but last fall I found the creative love of my life and now, I'll never look back. 

Silly photo of me

 Design philosophy:
"What else can I take away?" 

 Inspired by T. Robert Roeth's The Axe: An object lesson in design 

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