House of Amal, a creative community for teens.


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Gabrielle H.


Researcher, Interaction Designer, UX Writer, UX/UI Designer, Brand identity




Even in infancy, the “House of Amal” brand struggles with its brand identity causing its target users, creative teens and their parents to be unclear on what it is and how it works. 


Create a design that provides its target user groups with both clarity and confidence to use the House of Amal platforms. 


A mobile app concept, and responsive web (re)design.


Two methods were used during the research phase.


First, there was an open forum with potential parent stakeholders to introduce the concept. Although I did not lead that forum, I was an invited guest and observer.


For the second method, a parental consented focus group with 4 teenagers, I led. There was also a short design challenge presentation with 2 teens, whose parents were present for the presentation. As "House of Amal" (HOA) moved into the design phase: creating a website, I was not part of the original design or ideation. However, I was later looped into lead the redesign of the website - which allowed me the opportunity to create a case study and explore the problems a little further. 

empathy mapping.

Timeline (5 weeks)


Accessibility (entire community)

Delivery-method and redistribution in other spaces


Newsletter sitemap
HOA-Affinity U1.png
Newsletter paper wireframe
Newsletter paper wireframe
Newsletter paper wireframe
Newsletter paper wireframe
Newsletter paper wireframe
Newsletter paper wireframe
Digital wireframe

Some early discussions, with stakeholders once a design direction was established, was for it to be one page flyer-esque format. However, after giving the content a review, and additional conversation where had around scale, I thought it best to go with a 11' x 17', folded double-sided design. 

Group 11.png



Burlington Buzz newsletter front page
Burlington Buzz newsletter inside page
Burlington Buzz newsletter inside page
Burlington Buzz newsletter back page

Tradition and highlights. 

A newsletter that would fit right into the historical roots of this community. Printing in black and white, not only meets budgetary needs for scale, but it also provides a since of nostalgia without feeling dated. Easily convertible to .PNG or PDF format allows for distribution through multiple channels, including the town website but also on social media platforms. This layout also leaves room for reconfiguration of elements.


What I learned:

I learned that sometimes a simple design solution is needed. As designers, we are often inspired by many concepts and ideas, but not all projects - nor clients, want something complex. There are times when classic design solutions will do.