Things You Should (want to) Know

Can you be more specific?

Certainly. Think product mapping, design elements, and content development - we are "design ghostwriters."
Every brand is unique, so we would love to hear from you to best understand your brand needs.

What is the best way to schedule a consult?

Click the 'connect' button on our menu, and let us know that you are ready to chat!

Are you virtual assistants?

Short answer: No Long answer: We are a service-based business that makes you feel very much like you have a "team" behind you because we are making you look better, sound better by using design elements to make you more efficient. However, what we do is only temporary and designed to help move the needle, not staff your business. We do have some leads for you if a virtual assistant is what you need. Reach out, let us know. We'd love to hear from you.

Question not here?

Send us a note via email at Speak soon!

What makes GHINKS unique?

Collaboration & Transparency. We want to empower your brand to be visible with confidence, so we include you throughout the process. This ensures that what we create is authentic and true to your brand and vision.

How long can you help?

We prefer a 12-16 week model. This is strategic. When you have a certain timeframe to work in you can get more intentional and clear about your brand goals. Plus, you have a business to build.

What exactly is "UX"?

UX stands for 'user experience' but refers to how a person, the user, feels about interacting with or experiencing a product (good, service or feature).

Why do you call yourselves "architects"?

Three words: Lines and Structures. When we are enhancing your brand's elements we aren't just paying attention to how/what is said, but there is also a great emphasis put on the placement, the format, the spacing, color distribution, image choice and more. Afterall, we are building you a brand.

How do you pronounce "ghinks"?

/jiNGks/ gh + inks = ghinks The "gh" is pronounced using the 'j' sound like in the word 'giraffe' versus the hard 'g' sound heard in words like 'gecko.'