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design an app for an art gallery.


Create a space for quality art experiences that feels accessible and personal.

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View case study, here.


(interviews, empathy maps + personas)

For this project, interviews were conducted with 5 individuals who engage with visual fine arts in various ways, but all consider it an important part of their life. Before conducting the interviews assumptions were made, but the responses challenged those assumptions. 

After the interviews, empathy maps were created followed by two personas to capture the needs of the larger group. 

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understanding the existing platforms.

Social media is the most common way that online shoppers find new art. While those who prefer an in-person experience use a mix of stores and random art shows. If you are a casual shopper (enthusiasts) this method works just fine to find artwork, but still doesn't rectify the affordability aspect. More serious art shoppers (collectors) tend to use one, clearly defined avenue to purchase art, but again a method that does not address affordability. 

I conducted a competitive audit to learn more about the existing platforms.


Eventbrite allows enthusiasts and collectors alike to find art-centered events. Local galleries, like the Philadelphia Museum of Art, also provides space to attend art events, but the type of art on display is curated in a way that favors the more serious collectors over casual enthusiasts with eclectic tastes. 


While there are subsets within the art community, findings suggests that there is no clearly defined space for both the art enthusiast and collector to use as a hub to interact exclusively with art, in mass, on their terms and budget. 

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I began with sketches of storyboards and paper wireframes before creating the digital wireframes. After which, the digital wireframes were used to create the low-fidelity prototype for my usability study whose results helped inform the redesign for the high-fidelity prototype.

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usability study.

My first round of usability studies revealed:

  • users need a clear path to create a member profile;

  • users should be asked to submit as few personal details as possible when creating a profile;

  • navigation paths need to be intuitive no matter what page serves as the user's start.

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My second round of usability studies revealed:

  • users prefer to use existing payment platforms over adding new payment details;

  • the copy on the buttons need revision for clearer action indication;

  • users enjoy the visual design elements.

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Invite our stakeholders to review the hi-fi prototype.


Addressing any areas of concern, or incorporating any general insights that help improve on the design. Before sending off to the engineers. 

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