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design challenge: update the Fletcher Solutions brand, website and product packaging

role: information architect - visual designer - web developer - product designer

duration: February 2020 - October 2020

designer note: This was my first full fledge brand project. Although some steps in the design process are not formally reflected here (documenting the entire process e.g., pictures of me working on the project, flicks of my sketches) I keep this on display in my portfolio because we all started somewhere. I learned a lot on this project and didn't even realize, at the time, that this would eventually led to a road called UX.

audit + ideation.

We evaluated the original elephant logo to determine what, at its core, it represented and what elements, if any, we could incorporate in the new design. Then we evaluated the redesign by the company who focused on a single key element as the focal point. The singular focus on the key was the path we stayed on before moving on to a color audit. For the brand color phase, we looked at companies across the mortgage and real estate industry - in a mood board format - to inspire direction. 

product design.

We collaborated with the company's in-house team to design a product. First we identified the product's function, then we determined the inside contents. Next we selected which type of box would be best for how we wanted users to experience and interact with the product. We landed on a single pocket box with a foam insert with three cutouts for: candy and two business cards (to display back/front) and a ribbon for users to pull the foam insert up which would reveal the marketing materials underneath.

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