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Burlington Buzz, a local newsletter for a historic community.


5 weeks (May/June 2022)


Gabrielle H.


UX Writer, Graphic Designer





The small, historic town of Burlington City has an aging population (avg. homeowner is 60+), but relies solely on a website as its primary means of communication with residents.


Create a resource that will help the inform and be accessible for the entire community.


design solution must be scalable and easily replicated.


I had several conversations with stakeholders in the community that were leading this initiative. These included conversations with the city council president, members of the local political party, members of the community.  

Those conversations revealed that even though there are flyers regularly distributed for events, banners hung at the main intersections, on buildings, and lawn signs that act - in addition to the website - as notices, there was still a lingering feeling that community progress and good news weren't visible enough to the general community. 

design considerations.

Timeline (5 weeks)

Budget (design and print)

Age population

Delivery method and redistribution

Newsletter sitemap
Newsletter paper wireframe
Newsletter paper wireframe
Newsletter paper wireframe
Newsletter paper wireframe
Newsletter paper wireframe
Newsletter paper wireframe
Digital wireframe

Some early discussions with stakeholders called for it to be one page flyer-like format. However, after diving into the amount of requested content a review, I thought it best to go with a 11' x 17', folded double-sided design. This would allow more information to be shared with the community at-large without seeming crammed on a page.

Group 11.png


What I learned:

I learned that sometimes a simple design solution is needed. As designers, we are often inspired by many concepts and ideas, but not all projects - nor clients, want something complex. There are times when classic design solutions will do.​


Burlington City is a historic town that is proud to announce the launch of their newest project - a traditional black and white print that can be mailed directly to homeowners, shared with town visitors and converted into any format for replication and wider distribution. The traditional design was chosen after conversation with stakeholders to stay within the town's budget while still offering a stylish and timeless, yet customizable, look. The project is sure to be a hit with the local community and will add to the town's already rich history.

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Left inside flap - print.png
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